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Manufactured by UFSF (United Food Stuff Factory), SIDRA Bottle Water is renowned for its pristine quality, exceptional taste, and commitment to sustainability.

Our Water

The primary morale of Sidra water

The primary morale of Sidra water is to continuously increase our market share of the product line of 100ml cup, 125ml cup, 200ml cup,200ml bottle, 330 ml bottle, 500 ml bottle, 1 liter 1.5 Liter, and 5 gallons

Best bottled drinking water in Qatar
Our Water

Healthy Drinking Water for You & Your Family

Sidra drinking water is a convenient way to ensure your family is drinking water that’s safe and healthy. Why drink anything else?

Essential drinking water is purified through micro-filtration and reverse osmosis.

Enhanced with pure mineralization and ozonation

Convenient and Phthalate free recyclable bottles ( not reusable )

Hydrates better and best available pH at 7.00

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